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"Game Bred American Pit Bull Terriers"

Sporting Dog KennelsŪ / Mahomes KennelsŪ was established in 1975, it is home to some of the gamest dogs in the country. This kennels is the home of Mahomes' Bloodline which is based on a Game Bred family of dogs I have been breeding for over 40 years.  My dogs are bred from a selection of quality breeding stock with true breed type. I have a strict breeding program that has been developed and implemented over the coarse of my lifetime to produce high quality dogs with even temperaments and great physical features.  My foundation dog is Mahomes' Alligator, his progenecy is producing extremely hard mouth, game and outstanding dogs that is bred for work!.  I also have prospects and pups for sale off this family occasionally. I welcome serious inquires only!  (not available to the general public)     

"Cockney" Charley Lloyd's Pilot vs. Louis Krieger's Crib

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Nothing on this site is to be used for any illegal purposes. We do not in any way encourage, promote, or sanction any illegal activities. My advice to visitors of this site is to use any legal means you want to educate the public and change the laws, but steer clear of breaking them. Study the history, enjoy the companionship but keep away from dogfighting in any form. The purpose of our site is to explore and share with others the fascinating history of the pit bull terrier. In order to understand the nature of the modern-day pit bull terrier, it is imperative to understand its history.


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My dog's smarter than yours.

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My dog's better than yours.


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